Tonya & Jeremy


Tonya & Jeremy

Early 40's- Open Adoption- Any Gender- Married 23 Years

This couple has a true love for the outdoors as their home is nestled in the Ozark National Forrest. Day to day they experience wild life in their home such as deer, raccoons, grey fox, wild turkey and the occasional skunk. They really enjoy getting outside and enjoying the natural scenes from day to day. They even have a waterfall near their home they enjoy hiking to. They look forward to a child joining them in their outdoor adventures. Both hopeful parents work from home. They are considering homeschool for their child if it is a good fit for him or her. Jeremy is a cloud architect and Tonya is a bookkeeper/office manager for a law firm. They are unable to have children of their own and feel like adoption is a great way to build their family. They have two indoor cats that they have raised from kittens. They met over a bowl of chocolate ice cream in the UCA cafeteria and the rest was history! They have been married for 23 years, WOW! They both have healthy lifestyles and very laid back and positive attitudes. They feel they have so much love to give to a child and would be honored to be chosen as adoptive parents. 

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