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Jennifer Woodruff Douglas

Jennifer was raised in Lake City and attended Riverside Schools. She obtained college degrees at MCCC (now ANC), ASU and William Bowen School of Law. She has been a licensed attorney for over twenty years. Jennifer's law practice can be summed in with the two words of child advocacy. She has served as an attorney ad litem, worked in juvenile court and assisted many with successful custody battles. Her focus over the last few years is adoption, including private infant adoption, step-parent and foster adoption. 

"I love to focus on adoption. My goal is to support adoptions done right, adoptions done legally, and adoptions done with compassion", says Jennifer. 


Arlon L. Woodruff

Arlon is a native of Grubbs, Arkansas and relocated to Lake City in 1976 after completing his law degree at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. He has served the legal needs of the buffalo island community for over forty years. For many years, Arlon shared a law partnership with the late Curt Huckaby. Now, he has been in practice with his daughter Jennifer for the last twenty years. Arlon's law practice consists of estate, personal injury, domestic relations, criminal defense, real estate and civil litigation. Arlon also enjoys farming with his son, Geoffrey.  



" Excellent attorney and very true at heart. "

Kevin Cooper

" The best place to go to. "

Frankie Maynard