Carly & Clark


Carly & Clark

Open Adoption- Any Gender- Married 8 Years- Arkansas Family- 

Clark owns his own Certified Public Accounting firm and oversees his family’s agricultural business interests including managing relationships with tenants and cotton gin customers. Carly is the Director of Marketing and Events at East Arkansas Community College. They have two sons age 3 and 4. They are ready to be big brothers! They have one dog in their home. Their dog Max is a maltipoo and he is 7 years old. Clark's hobbies are traveling with family and friends, building business plans, grilling, and yardwork. Carly enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, going to theater shows, traveling with friends, and serving in her church. They always love to have fun and make sure to spend a lot of time together. Their travels include visiting Disney World, the beach, Branson, and doing local day trips. Being intentional about scheduling family time to make sure relationships stay strong is a top priority. Attending church regularly and being involved is a passion of theirs. Their church has many members that have adopted and feel very supported and encouraged by this. Also, Clarks dad and nephew of theirs was adopted! Their family is NO stranger to the adoption experience and process. 

They strive to keep our family as safe as possible at all times. The both have their concealed carry license and use a Vivint Alarm system at their house. They have recently added automatic locks to each of the doors that lead to the front porch, back porch, and garage. This is one safety measure they felt was best for the small children in the home.

Carly and Clark are ready to involve the expecting mother through any avenue she feels comfortable. They are excited to potentially meet before birth to get to know each other. After birth and the adoption, they are willing to share videos, updates, and pictures. They are open to any gifts or special things the birthmother would want to give to the child throughout the years. Visiting during the first year is definitely an option if desired.

"We would like the expecting mom to know that we will give her baby the best life possible and always tell he/she how much their birthmother loved them. This journey will not be easy, but we are thankful for the opportunity you are giving us by loving this baby."- Carly and Clark

If you are interested in learning more about this family text "Carly&Clark" to 870-926-1853.