Ellen & Josh


Ellen & Josh

Open to Any Gender- Open Adoption- Ages 41 and 37

A meeting through mutual friends that led to an accidental text, ended up meaning marriage for Josh and Ellen! They were married on the college campus where they met in 2019. Josh is a claims adjuster and Ellen is Principal at a local high school. Josh enjoys cooking on the grill and experimenting with grilling new foods. He also has a collection of vinyl records where he enjoys "listening to music the way it was intended!" Ellen enjoys reading and sometimes doing artistic activities such as painting and coloring for fun. You will find her spending her spare time with close friends and family. This couple truly enjoys watching sports, especially the Razorbacks. As a couple with no children, they are excited to grow their family through adoption and to give a little bundle of joy tons of love and attention. 

"We love to laugh but are not afraid to have feelings and emotions. We both have wonderful examples of parents and are so excited to become parents ourselves."  Ellen and Josh

If you are interested in learning more about this couple text "Ellen&Josh" to 870-926-1853.