Jaime & John


Jaime & John

Any Race- Any Gender-Early 30's- Arkansas Family- Married 6 Years- Christian

John and Jaime believe the love of music can bring people together. In 2017, this couple met in church and began dating. They dated one year before they were married. For fun they enjoy being outside, playing board games together, and playing and singing music. John enjoys classical guitar and violin while Jaime loves to sing and participate in musical theater. John will learn a song to play for the baby that is specific to the child and his or her circumstances. Jaime performs with her siblings and also leads worship at her church. John is a Software Developer and after 8 years of teaching, Jaime is taking time off to complete her master's degree in School Counseling. They have 2 cats in the home. In 2022, they found out they were unable to have biological children and started the foster journey. After an unexpected failed private adoption in 2023, they are continuing the path to a private adoption, trusting God still has a plan for them to parent a bundle of joy. They have the deep desire to be parents. Their nursery is ready and stocked as they eagerly wait to welcome a baby!

"We know the intense sacrifice it takes for a child to be placed for adoption. We want you to feel seen, heard, and valued and know that we are humbled and grateful to adopt your child. Our child will be loved deeply and will grow up knowing about their amazing birth mother. Also, we are not judgmental. We hope you will feel loved and supported by us and know that no matter what circumstances have led you to this adoption, you will only be met with kindness from us." John and Jaime

If you are interested in this couple or want to learn more text "Jaime&John" to 870-926-1853.