Patience & Clayton


Patience & Clayton

Open Adoption- Any Race- Any Gender- Married Years

Clayton is a real estate investor who owns and manages over 100 rental properties and is actively working to improve the community. Patience is a stay-at-home wife. She enjoys selling crafts at fairs and online. They are an open foster family, and have enjoyed it, but desire a child with permanency in their home. This couple met in college and dated 2 years before marrying. They travel to their families for holidays when they can. They look forward to making new traditions with their new little one!

Clayton enjoys business (creating, running, finances, economics), Legos (custom designing, displaying, collecting), flying (currently student pilot but lessons are on hold), reading, learning, cooking, and I enjoy physical activities (biking, swimming, hunting, fishing). Patience loves to crochet, Amigurumi, cross stitch, diamond paintings, painting, sewing, drawing, coloring, collecting Disney things, Legos, grassroot crafts, bicycle rides, swimming, attending church kid’s events, cooking, GOING TO DISNEY PARKS. They are a Christian family that holds their faith at a high standard. 

"It is our intention to raise any child in our care to become the person God intends, not any ideas or career path others have in mind. They will be the first kid on either set of family, so we expect they will be spoiled by grandparents, naturally. We will try to give the child practical life skills and instill wisdom, rather than follow a set of rules blindly. Most importantly, from our own lifestyle, we will be raising any child as the Bible directs and following God, rather than ideas people have of God or Christians."- Patience and Clayton

If your interested in learning more about this couple text "Patience&Clayton" to 870-926-1853.