Suzanne & Jason


Suzanne & Jason

Any Race- Any Gender- Open Adoption- Mid 30's- Married 13 years

Meeting while singing in their college choir was no accident for these two. After much work, Jason finally convinced Suzanne to go on one date with him. They ended up at Chuck E. Cheese playing games and discovering how much they enjoy each other. They have been laughing and playing games ever since and have a deep desire to share their fun loving personalities with a little one! They were married in the summer of 2010 and moved to New Orleans for graduate school. Now back in Arkansas, Jason works as a Children's pastor and Suzanne is an editor for a Christian publishing company. They enjoy traveling, discovering new coffee shops, cooking, and working out together. As a family they look forward to sharing family meals together, reading bedtime stories, and going on trips. In 2015, after seeking fertility specialists and some treatments, they realized their chance of conceiving a child is very slim. They feel called to adopt a child and are very excited to be on this path with a birth mother and are open to a relationship and communication. 

In 2022, Suzanne was diagnosed with sinus cancer. After 3 surgeries and radiation treatments, she is now cancer free! "That was a really scary time for us," says Suzanne, "but through that experience we learned that God is in control when we feel out of control and no matter what happens, He is always good." 

"We recognize the magnitude of the situation and the decision the birth mother is making. We want you to know how truly grateful we are. Our hearts and arms have waited to hold our forever baby. Our hearts are ready for the joys and tears; our arms are ready for the hugs and snuggles. Our goal is to raise our child to love God and other people." Jason and Suzanne

To learn more about this couple text "Suzanne&Jason" to 870-926-1853.